Greg Herrick is going to be bringing his Tri-Motor Ford and Stinson SM-6000B to Air Mail Days, both of which are mail planes.

This Ford 4-AT, besides being the oldest Ford Tri-motor flying, being flown by many famous pilots, etc., was also an airmail carrier. Charles Lindbergh made the inaugural flights of F.A.M. (Foreign Air Mail) route 8 in Ford 1077 operating for the Mexican subsidiary of Pan American Airways. These flights were from Mexico City to Brownsville, TX on the 9th of March, 1929 with a return to Mexico City on March 10th, 1929. Lindbergh carried all dispatches between Mexico City and Brownsville in both directions with a reported total of 538 lbs of mail.
Stinson SM-6000B N11153. Sold new in 1931 to Century Airlines flying daily from Chicago. Then to American Airways in April 1932 where it was operated as as both a mail and passenger carrier. Today it remains the oldest surviving American Airlines aircraft.