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2014 Ranger Airfield Fly-In Video

Posted in Members | November 13, 2014

Jared Calvert made this video of the 2014 Ranger Airfield Old School Fly-in and Airshow, from October 2014. Jared said: "We had a lot of old birds, record attendance, smoked a record amount of briskets (38), great fun, and perfect weather. This event, I have no doubt, is the reason this antique Texas field remains open."

2014 Fly-In Video: "Lakesburg"

Posted in News | October 29, 2014

Thank You To 2014 Fly-In Volunteers

Posted in News | September 15, 2014

Well the 2014 AAA/APM Fly-in will certainly go down as one of our most memorable events, though more likely in an infamous sort of way than due to record attendance. We had a very challenging week with weather both here and across the country that cut our attendance figures by 30-35% over our 2013 record attendance. Still, even with all the challenges we faced, be it via mother nature or human nature, we had a safe event.

The AAA/APM Fly-in takes a massive effort yearly to prepare for and execute. It would be impossible for our small full time staff of four people to accomplish this task. Fortunately we have a loyal and growing number of volunteers who spend their time, talents and money to help make the AAA/APM Fly-in happen. Without their help and dedication the AAA/APM Fly-in is simply not possible. So with apologies in advance to anyone I may have missed, if you enjoyed our 61st annual event, make certain to "Thank" the following 101 individuals and 4 service organizations for their hard work and dedication in making the 2014 AAA/APM Fly-in a safe and fun event for all participants.

Field Preparations

  • Ken Marth
  • Luke Pieper
  • Mike & Doris Gretz
  • Steve & Debbie Black
  • Mark & Teri Lancaster
  • Harve Applegate
  • Mark Flounders
  • Dave Coop
  • Steve Hendryx
  • Jim Jones
  • Mark & Gloria Robotti
  • Scott Anderson
  • Larry Phelps
  • Dan & Dakota Quinn
  • Aaron Klugherz
  • Marcy Taylor
  • Eric & Ryan Fritz
  • Jerry Lugten
  • Bob Tejchma
  • Gary Van Farowe
  • Don Miles
  • Harman Dickerson
  • Bob Edgington
  • Nick Hildreth
  • Rick Gritters
  • Gary Lust
  • Dan Kirkpatrick
  • Steve Adkisson
  • Mike Hargrave
  • Don Adams
  • Don Parks
  • Gene DeJonge
  • Toby Hanson
  • Jen Cichy
  • Wyatt Hatz
  • Vaughn Lovley
  • Les Gaskill
  • Tim, LuVerne & John Verhoeven
  • Brian West
  • Jack Arthur
  • Mark Kokstis
  • Ron Hansen
  • A.J. Stricker
  • Rich Klugherz
  • Jessica Fuller
  • Holly Vanorny
  • Sydney Lundberg
  • Mike & John Lossner
  • Jeff Claypool
  • Nathan Frost
  • Danny Glenn

Flight Line (Aircraft Parking)

  • Ben Taylor
  • Aaron, Tom & Rich Klugherz
  • Bryan DeWitt
  • Kevin Chitwood
  • Brian West
  • Nathan, Shannon & Debra Frost
  • John Verhoeven


  • Cindy Reis
  • Marcy Taylor
  • Anna Fichera

Pilot's Pub

  • Mark, Teri & Tanner Lancaster
  • Luke Pieper
  • Eric, Jane, Tyler & Ryan Fritz
  • Natalie Alexander
  • Eric Moe
  • Jeff & Sheila Lancaster
  • Ken Marth
  • Craig Shorten
  • Mark & Gloria Robotti
  • Anna Phillips

APM Fly Market

  • Harman Dickerson
  • Don Miles
  • Bob Edgington
  • Darrell Williams
  • Nick Hildreth

Air Traffic Control (Flagmen)

  • Robert Grimm
  • Tom Gehman
  • Mark Robotti
  • Dallas Grimm
  • Toby Hanson
  • David Lamb
  • Ben Taylor

Field Maintenance & Cleanup

  • Toby Hanson
  • Tim & John Verhoeven
  • Bob & Dallas Grimm
  • Les Gaskill
  • Dave Wilkie
  • Dan & Dakota Quinn
  • Rick Gritters

Movies & Sound

  • Aaron Klugherz
  • Steve & Debbie Black
  • Mike Gretz
  • Bryan DeWitt
  • Kevin Chitwood


  • Denny Whitson
  • Ottumwa VFW post # 775

Memorial Service

  • Jim Jones
  • Justin Niemyjski
  • Cliff Hatz
  • LuVerne Verhoeven

Emergency Aircraft Repairs

  • Steve Adkisson


  • Paul Berge
  • Mike Gretz
  • Steve & Debbie Black
  • Shalyn Applegate

APM Gift Shop

  • Doris Gretz
  • LuVerne Verhoeven
  • Barb Frost
  • Gloria Robotti

Coffee House

  • Rosie Duckworth
  • Sharon Plavnick
  • Gary & Carol Van Farowe
  • Michigan Chapter AAA

Emergency Services

  • Blakesburg Volunteer Fire Department
  • Wapello County Rural Fire Department


  • Mike Meir

Aircraft Statisticians

  • Suzy Kryzanowicz
  • Dave Miller


  • RedLine Aviation & Dallas Grimm (insect control)
  • Russell Williams (website)
  • Snooks Bouska (ice cream)
  • Classic Aviation of Pella, IA & Bob Lancaster Oil Co. (aircraft fueling)
  • Debbie, Jim & Tyler Dowd, Jim Cain (Hy-Vee)

Napa Valley from An Aeronca C-3

Posted in Members | September 15, 2014

Jimmy Rollison, based at Yolo County airport near Davis, CA, has been buzzing the Napa Valley in his Aeronca C-3.

Texas Chapter Fly-In At Gainesville, TX October 10-11, 2014

Posted in Chapter News | September 15, 2014

Details on the Texas Chapter Website.

Update on the Spirit of St Louis replica in Washington state

Posted in Members | September 15, 2014

Kristopher Hull sent us an update on the Spirit of St. Louis replication being built in Washington State:

Last summer I sent in some photos of John Norman's SoSL replica under construction, and I figured I would send in some more detailing the progress on it, and a plea for help!

In the past year, John has finished framing out the wings and has hung the wing on the fuselage to properly build up the attach fittings and hardware, as well as fit check everything. The main tank has been completed, and true to the original, it is made from riveted stainless with solder sealant. The tank was just recently installed into the fuselage to check its fit, and to assemble the support cradle. It fit with 1/8 inch clearance all the way around! The next steps are to complete the build on the wing and cover it, and completely strip the fuselage for final welding and paint before final assembly of all components this winter.

As for the plea for help, John is in urgent need of a set of 9 intake valves, all 18 valve springs, and a complete set of piston wrist pins for his original Wright J-5 Whirlwind engine. Without these, the project is dead in the water. If you know of source for these parts, please contact John Norman at or through his website.

Thank you!

Kristopher Hull
Photographer/mechanic - TEAM Spirit

Greg Wilson's PA-22 Restoration

Posted in Members | September 15, 2014

Greg Wilson sent an update on his PA-22 tailwheel conversion:

Glad to see that the fly-in went well despite the weather. I was unable to attend this year but spent the time getting my latest project ready to fly. It is a 1954 Piper PA-22-135 tail wheel conversion. Purchased as a disassembled project it took about 18 months to complete. I’m sure no other member has had a project take longer than expected...

On a serious note I used the Stewart's glue and paint system and a seeping fuel line leaked autogas dissolving the glue and blistered the paint. It was non-ethanol gasoline. Stewart said it is the injector cleaner in the gas that is the problem yet their books do not say anything about compatibility problems. I just want others to know that it could be an issue with autogas and the Stewart system glue and finish. I am waiting for the rain to stop here now and then it will finally fly. Thank you to Jim Younkin for the inspiration on paint scheme as well.

Plea for pictures and videos of 2014 Fly-in

Posted in News | September 15, 2014

Please Help!

Though we realize conditions were less than ideal, if you attended the 2014 AAA/APM Fly-in and took a few or a lot of pictures and/or video, we’re in need of any or all images/video you captured. These images may be used on the website, in the Antique Airfield Runway, other type club & specialty publications we produce and in the latest "Brent Taylor Productions" video, of which the first (working title of "Lakesburg 2014") is already in production. If you would, please send the full size files via email or mail us a CD. Of course proper credit will be given for any content that is used. Thank you!

Brent Taylor

Rusty Shaw Memorial Fun Fly at Antique Airfield

Posted in News | September 15, 2014

While most know Antique Airfield for the annual AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in and our annual Pumpkin Drop, another annual event is held a week or two after the AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in. That event is the "Rusty Shaw Memorial Fun Fly," and it consists of a loyal group of RC Sailplane enthusiasts who spend the weekend launching RC sailplanes into the air above Antique Airfield using electric winches.

The reason for the name of the event? Rusty Shaw was a well-known and very talented RC Sailplane builder/pilot as well as a loyal volunteer around Antique Airfield. When Rusty died a few year ago the event went from a sanctioned AMA event to a "Fun Fly" which seems to be a more fitting style event and one which we're certain Rusty would approve of. So if you're an RC Sailplane enthusiast or interested in learning more about the sport of RC Sailplanes plan on being at Antique Airfield the middle of next September to join in the fun.

Some of the many different RC Sailplanes that were flown over the weekend

That trailer either holds a full scale power glider or a very large scale RC Sailplane!

A group getting ready for another round of flying. Notice the electric winches on the ground which are used to launch the sailplanes.

AAA Lifetime member Jim Porter (center with transmitter in hand) is another well-known RC Sailplane enthusiast

Texas and Michigan Chapter Newsletters

Posted in Chapter News | September 15, 2014

Texas and Michigan Chapter Newsletters. Fly-in Reports & Announcements, Photos, Flying in Hawaii, C-124 Flying, and more!