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2015 APM Capital Campaign Fund Update

Posted in News | June 01, 2015

To bring you up to date on our efforts to raise $20K, per the 2015 APM Capital Campaign Fund, we have reached the half way point! That’s correct, in less than a month's time, our AAA members, our donors, fans, family & friends have contributed $10K!

Included in that was the “Memorial Day Challenge”, issued via one of our AAA Lifetime members, to match donations up to $300. That challenge was handily met in one day over the holiday weekend.

Ergo, now that 2015 APM Capital Campaign has accrued considerable funds, we can go ahead with the actual work and efforts needed to complete some of the infrastructure projects these funds are earmarked for.

First on the list is to start the work of re-rocking all the driveways and parking lots here at Antique Airfield. Weather permitting, that work will commence this week.

Second on the list is the re-roofing the N half of the APM’s main museum annex. The steel has been ordered and that project is scheduled to begin on June 3rd. AAA National Director Gary Van Farowe and a group from the MI chapter of the AAA will be on hand to tackle that project.

We also hope to complete the construction phase of the replacement/moving of the N wall in Powell Hall at that time and plan a work weekend June 6th to make progress on that project. If you can come and help with that, or other planned landscaping, fencing and field maintenance projects, please let us know. We love to have people come and help !!

As you can see, with the help of all of you, we’ve accomplished much in a short amount of time. All of us here at Antique Airfield most humbly “Thank You” for your support.

But if we could ask yet one more favor, we’d ask you please feel free to share the link and news of the 2015 APM Capital Campaign Fund with your friends, & family via social media, email and word of mouth. Let’s see if we can reach our goal of $20K in the next month. With your help I believe we can!!

Remember your donation is fully tax deductible and every donation, no matter the size, counts !!

Brent Taylor
Treasurer APM

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Howard Cox's V-77 Nearly Ready to Fly

Posted in Members | June 01, 2015

Howard Cox, based in Bideford, Devon, UK, has acquired an N-registered Stinson V-77 which was formerly based in Germany. The airplane was damaged and disassembled.

Howard has trucked the aircraft to Hoogeveen Airport, the Netherlands, and has been working to make the Stinson ferryable back to the UK with some parts support from the APM. Expectations are that it'll fly again in the next month.

Ben Morphew Revives Johnny Dorr's Clipped Wing Stearman

Posted in Members | June 01, 2015

Hey Guys,

Wanted you to know that I got Johnny Dorr's Clipped Wing Stearman. It's been sitting in a hangar in Mississippi for years and finally all the legal wrangling came to an end and I got it from the fellow who did all the hard work. It's been Exp/Exb since 1948 and I have all the original logs and paperwork back to the RTC bill of sale in 1945. Pete Jones and Kevin Kimball have verified it's a virgin fuselage and although the airplane appears to be single cockpit, it has all of the front pit intact. The cover can be removed, a windshield installed, and it's ready to go. It's going to need quite a bit of work but is complete. I'll give you more progress reports as they happen. The consensus is that Johnny Dorr was the only guy who ever flew it so I could possibly be the second person. The conversion dates back to 1948. Here's a few pics from the stuff I received with the records. As to how it flies? There is a You Tube vid showing some of Dorr's flying from converted 8mm film to DVD.

The first pic is the front page of Dorr's Ag School brochure showing the airplane sometime around the late 70's. That is Johnny Dorr with all his awards standing in front of the airplane in the brochure. He passed away in 1987.

The next photo shows the airplane in the late 40's/early 50's in the original configuration which isn't much different from the current set up. AT10 cowl, R680-13, AT10 exhaust. Has a large smoke system and a catch tank for running inverted for a little while but the schematics were drawn out on the back of some invoices with a pencil!

Johnny seemed to not fly it after about 1979 when it was last approved. I think they mainly used it as a back drop or ''calling card'' for his Ag Flying School he ran for years in Marigold, Mississippi. It ran but some remaining legal complications and a big dose of common sense dictated it be trucked to Texas. It suffered no damage in the transport. BTW, It still has the Bendix ''Flightphone'' radio in it with the manually tuned loop and trailing antenna!

A lot of people have heard about this airplane over the years but unless you actually went to Mississippi and saw it sitting in the hangar you thought it was a rumor. I remember seeing pics of chopped wing airshow Stearmans in all those Stearman books but never any pics like these. He did airshows in it from around 1948 to about 1970. Fortunately, all of the shows and ferry time is in the log book.

Like I said, I may be the second guy to fly it since everyone I've talked to said Dorr never let anyone else fly the thing. The BOTTOM wings are about 138 inches long from spar attach to tip. The TOP wings are about 118 inches but the extra width of the center section insures the top wings are overall a foot or so longer than the bottom wings. The ailerons are on the bottom wing only and have an inboard servo tab that, to me, doesn't looked geared enough to do any good but it probably didn't need it anyway. Here's a pic of the radio. I think it has 5 crystals for transmitting but I can't find any info on it on line. The second pic is the manual loop knob.

Ben Morphew

Brent Mone's Garland Lincoln Nieuport

Posted in Members | June 01, 2015

Brent Mone in Santa Rosa, CA updated us on his Garland Lincoln Nieuport:

Yes, I now have the Garland Lincoln Nieuport (N12237) My father, Kip Mone gave it to me as a birthday present quite a while ago. I still don’t know if I should thank him, it’s a wonderful money sink…

Here are two pictures in it’s present state. It’s coming along well but slow. Me and my friends put a lot of time to get it ready for an airshow August of last year. I stopped working on it since then. I’ve been doing other things, like working on the hangar etc. Soon now.

2015 Fly-In Registration Is Open

Posted in News | May 20, 2015

It's Time to Join the AAA Record Breakers: Online registration for the 2015 Fly-in is open!

You can register online using your credit card, or use the postal mail form and register with a check. All of the usual fly-in information is available.

Now is also a good time to make hotel reservations for the Fly-In weekend if you're not camping, and to practice up on Flying at Antique Airfield.

Click to Register Online

Don't forget to email us a picture of your aircraft after you pre-register, we'll post it on the fly-in page!

Rob and Laura Bach's Bentzen Sport

Posted in Members | May 20, 2015

Rob Bach from Burlington, WI sent us this update:

Adding a 1961 Bentzen Sport to the fleet. Looks like a midwing Parakeet and was well known at fly-ins around here and Rockford 'til 1968 or so.

Bill Dodd created an inverted system for the C65 and did routines in it when he needed to give his SCM a rest.

Perfect size for Laura!

Also here's a pic of the Clipper restoration I'm doing with Pat Zakrzewski (youngest pilot winner a few years back).


Jim Savage's Spartan Executive

Posted in Members | May 20, 2015

Jim Savage, based at Butler, PA, rolled his Spartan Executive out into the sunshine this past weekend. Normally this is a maneuver that makes polished airplane owners cringe, because bright sunshine brings out the "frost" and scratches. However based on these photos Jim has nothing to worry about!

Air Power Museum Capital Improvement Campaign for 2015

Posted in News | May 05, 2015

Greetings from Antique Airfield!

Spring is here and along with it the planning, preparation & work to have Antique Airfield in shape for the upcoming 2015 AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in (Sept 2nd -7th, 2015).

But let’s look back on last year’s event for a moment. What has come to be known as “Lakesburg” was perhaps the most challenging event the staff, directors and volunteers have ever had to deal with due to rain, rain, rain & then more rain !!

While everyone eventually and safely departed (via plane, car, RV or even tractor), Antique Airfield did not fare well. Remember images like these?

Well, when the mud dried, we were faced with a lot of damage to the airport and its facilities. Damage that has taken a lot of time and money to begin to repair & restore. Damage that was out of sight and mind for most fly-in attendees once the fly-in ended. But if Antique Airfield is to be ready to host the AAA/APM Fly-in just 120+ days from now, there is still much work to be done.

That’s why a portion of the funds raised, via our APM Capital Improvement Campaign for 2015, are earmarked for things like grass seed & gravel to help with the repair & restoration of Antique Airfield.

But just what is the APM Capital Improvement Campaign for 2015 you may be wondering ?

The twofold goal of the campaign will be:

  1. Ensure the future and permanence of the APM.
  2. Rebuild and maintain the infrastructure of the APM

The major infrastructure projects in the works for 2015, include continued replacement of the roofs on the APM hangars. Spearheaded by AAA National Director Gary Van Farowe and the Michigan AAA chapter, last year saw a much needed new roof installed on the APM Fly-Market building. This year the plan is to replace the roof on the N side of the APM display annex. That project is slated to happen in June and will tie in with the ongoing moving of the N wall in the Powell Hall display area.

But that’s not all. Another much needed project to be accomplished before the AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in in September, is the replacement of the APM main hangar door (s). Per the suggestion of APM President Mike Gretz, in order to retain the period look and keep the costs down we will once again install sliding/track doors. Our research indicates a lot of advances in construction, serviceability and ease of operation of these type doors in the 40+ years since the APM main hangar was originally built and the doors installed.

Then there is the aforementioned need for re-seeding portions of the campgrounds, parking areas, ramps and areas around the buildings, as well as re-rocking all the access roads on Antique Airfield.

Finally for 2015, with the recent completion of the construction phase of the “APM Restoration Center”, the next steps towards making this facility operational are cleaning, sealing & painting the floor, installing new door seals and insulation on the Schweiss bi-fold hangar door, then installing/finishing the electrical, plumbing, heating and pneumatic systems.

So please consider joining with us & help us reach our goal and get these important infrastructure projects finished in time for the 2015 AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in.

Your donation counts no matter the size, so for more information on how to help with the APM Capital Improvement Campaign of 2015 just click this link.

Thanks for your support,

Brent Taylor
President AAA
Treasurer APM

Sun N Fun Report

This article is uncategorized | May 05, 2015

The Florida Air Museum’s 1936 Aeronca LB. The APM donated some much needed parts for the LeBlond engine to help in the restoration of this Aeronca.

“Where are we going today Mr. Peabody??”

“Well Sherman, set the WABAC machine for the year 1971, Thursday April 15th to be exact. “

That’s the date of the “1st Spring National AAA Fly-in “at…..Lakeland, FL!! Yes, you read that correctly, the aviation event commonly known these days as the Sun ‘n Fun International Fly-in and Expo began as an AAA Fly-in.

Of course since that initial event in 1971, the annual event at Lakeland has gone from being an AAA Fly-in, to an EAA fly-in, to its own independent entity and event. It still has a confusingly strong EAA feel to it, what with an AirVenture “mini-me” cloned style that includes parking and headquarter buildings for homebuilt, vintage & warbird areas, a daily airshow, a large vendor/tradeshow presence and an on-site museum, among a host of other similarities.

From the Sept. /Oct. 1971 issue of the International Antique Airplane News.

My visit to Lakeland this year was only my second and like my first a few years ago, was mostly predicated on a meeting I needed to attend. In this case that meeting was hosted by Mark Baker of the AOPA and was in regards to the ADS-B (or Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) mandate that will affect all aircraft and go into effect come Jan 2020. This meeting was attended by the manufactures, various aviation organizations and the FAA. I will have a more complete report on what was discussed during this meeting and how it will impact our AAA members and the operations of their antique/classic aircraft in the upcoming issue of the Antique Airfield Runway.

Though my visit was short I did get to spend time perambulating the grounds, looking at airplanes and happily bumping into many AAA members.

So following is a small selection of the aircraft and sights from the 2015 Sun ‘n Fun.

Brent Taylor

From renowned Triple Tree Aerodrome in SC came the Reserve Grand Champion Antique, Pat Hartness’s 1938 Spartan 7W “Executive”.

Sarah Wilson’s (AAA #23904-life) 1929 Stearman 4E she calls “Buddy”.

The Best Custom Classic was this 1947 Piper PA-12.

We thought the wind tee (built by Ercoupers’ as a memorial to Mike “Cowboy” Abrahams) here at Antique Airfield was the most unique use of an Ercoupe we had seen, until we came across this simulator at Sun ‘n Fun.

Mark Gilmore’s (AAA #23356) awesome Marquart MA-5 “Charger” was chosen as the Grand Champion Plans Built Homebuilt.

Aviat’s display, complete with a new Husky on floats, was a hit with the kids, though that likely had more to do with getting to go “fishing” for rubber ducky’s !!

Colin Hales from Oxford, UK is on a world tour with this Rands KR2. We first met Colin at the Cactus Fly-in, Casa Grande, AZ in March. He has a very interesting and completely different approach to planning & flying this diminutive wood & foam legacy homebuilt around the world. If you get a chance to meet Colin or hear him speak about this flight, do not pass up the chance.

Ed Hoffman’s 1946 Warner powered Fairchild 24 from Tarpon Springs, FL.

The all wood original design “Woodpecker”, was the recipient of the Best Innovative Design Homebuilt award.

Casa Grande Fly-In Report

Posted in News | May 05, 2015

Now that the 2015 Fly-in season is well underway how about a photo report on the season opener, at least when it comes to antique/classic aircraft.

Of course I’m talking about the Cactus Fly-in, held the first weekend of March at Casa Grande, AZ.

This year, the 57th annual, was blessed with sunny, warm weather (though a bit breezy on Friday) as opposed to the rain and wind which resulted in a complete washout of the 2014 event.

Also of note, the change in leadership of the Fly-in with Arv Schultz stepping up and not only taking the reins of the Fly-in but also the revitalization of the newly re-formed and re-chartered AAA chapter of Arizona, now called the Classic Airplane Association of Arizona (CAAAA).

AAA President Brent Taylor was the guest speaker at the awards dinner on Sat evening and besides giving a talk on the history, philosophy and direction of the AAA, the APM & Antique Airfield, he presented the CAAAA with their new official AAA chapter charter.

For more about the CAAAA and the Cactus Fly-in check out their website.

The “Ghost Ship”, a highly modified Stearman. Shades of the” Lone Birdman” stories from Sport Flying magazine !!

Barry Branin’s (AAA #18107-life) 1931 Waco QCF-2 from Morro Bay, CA.

John Nance’s (AAA #17227) 1937 Stinson SR-9B from the San Diego, CA area.

Elden Iler’s 1941 Monocoupe 90al from Van Nuys, CA. This ‘Coupe was owned/flown by Monocoupe guru Bud Dake (deceased) for years. The Fairchild 24 in the background, belonging to Lonny Woodard (AAA #16772-life) from Provo, UT, was the AAA Headquarters Choice award winner.

Fred Born (AAA #18372) from nearby Chandler, AZ explains to a group of local school kids the intricacies of his 1955 Cessna 180. A long term project in connection with the Cactus Fly-in is one intended to help interest children in aviation. Spearheaded by Linda Irvin, children from local elementary schools are brought out to the fly-in on Friday afternoon to talk with the pilots and look at their planes. The program has grown to include several schools and at least 300 elementary school children were seen touring the flightline on Friday this year. This program is truly a positive and proactive way to interest these youngsters in airplanes, flying and aviation in general.

A rare sight, two Spartan 7W “Executives” graced the flightline at the Cactus Fly-in this year.

This modified (P&W 1830 powered) 1954 YAK 11 is a regular visitor to the Cactus Fly-in and displays impressive performance.

Jim White (AAA #13458-life) of nearby Tempe arrived in his long owned and recently finished 1946 Bucker BU-131 “Jungman”. Jim also has his clipwing Monocoupe close to flying.

AAA President Brent Taylor giving a talk on the history, philosophy and direction of the AAA, the APM & Antique Airfield at the awards dinner on Sat evening. (Mike Friedrich photo)