Website of the Antique Airplane Association and the Airpower Museum Last Update: Aug 29 2018

Airpower Museum Legacy Endowment

The Airpower Museum has created an endowment fund that will support and preserve the APM.

"The establishment of this endowment is a key element in our plans for the future of the APM," said Brent Taylor, the Treasurer of the APM and Executive Director of the AAA. "In the spring of 2008 the APM Board of Directors conducted an extensive evaluation of every aspect of the museum, from infrastructure and buildings, to the aircraft collection and even the website. We now know what needs to be done and this endowment will provide the foundation for ongoing improvements and growth at the APM."

As a result of that springtime evaluation, a Steering Committee was created, made up of prominent business individuals within the antique airplane community. This Steering Committee will help guide the Board of Directors as a master plan is developed and project priorities put in place.

Classics Row at the
Blakesburg Fly-In
Photo by Sarah Dickerson

"The APM's two main missions remain the same as they have for decades," Taylor said. "The first is to see that the museum exists to preserve and educate the public about our aviation heritage. The second is to see that the APM, the AAA, and Antique Airfield, remain the site for the annual Invitational AAA/APM Fly-in that means so much to antique airplane owners nationwide, because it is the place where the 'grass roots' of antique aviation can still be experienced. Therefore the Air Power Museum Legacy Endowment has been established to make sure those two missions continue long into the future."

The threefold goal of the endowment will be:

  1. Ensure the future and permanence of the APM
  2. Rebuild and maintain the infrastructure of the APM
  3. Expand the offerings and programs of the APM

The APM and Blakesburg
are grass roots aviation at its best

Funding for the endowment has begun. The start up money came from the profits on the sale of the flown postal covers from Air Mail Days, the 2008 AAA/APM Invitational Fly-In at Antique Airfield, and from online donations. Flown postal covers from the fly-in event are still available online.

If you would like to donate you can choose either online donation, or please contact the APM staff at Blakesburg.