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The APM Rose Parrakeet

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Donated By: The Rhinehart Family

Few visitors to Antique Airfield during Annual AAA-APM Fly-lns will never forget the aerobatic demonstrations by the late Doug Rhinehart of Farmington, New Mexico in his Rose-Rhinehart Parrakeets.

Doug rebuilt this early model Parrakeet and it had been on loan to various pilots in the Southwest. Several years ago, at the Casa Grande Fly-ln, Doug Rhinehart had all the visiting pilots write their names on the silver finish of the lower wings. This feature will remain an important part of this airplane, now displayed in the Airpower Museum.

N-1367G was donated by Mrs. Doug Rhinehart of Farmington, New Mexico in the memory of her husband, Doug, whose name was of course, synonymous with the revival of the Rose design and production of at least five new Rose-Rhinehart Parrakeets.

This famous design originated by Jack Rose, AAA M-8037, has never lost its popularity over the years and the design continues to be copied, emulated, and pursued in various fashions by many who have been captivated by this diminutive biplane with such fine flying characteristics.

Our thanks to the Rhinehart family for this contribution. This gift will do a great deal to maintain the Airpower Museum as a museum by and for its membership.



Continental A40-3. 37 HP


Wing Span: 20' 0"

Length: 16' 4"

Height: 5' 8"

Wing Area: (Square Feet) 116


Wing Loading: (Pounds/Sq. Ft) 6.2

Power Loading: (Pounds/H.P.) 19.6

Weights and Capacities

Empty Weight: (Pounds) 470

Useful Load: (Pounds) 258

Gross Weight: (Pounds) 728

Fuel Capacity: (Gallons) 10

Oil Capacity: (Gallons) 1


Maximum Speed: (M.P.H.) 100

Cruising Speed: (M.P.H.) 85

Service Ceiling: (Feet) 12,000

Rate of Climb: (Feet/Minute) 750

Cruising Range: (Miles) 340