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1940 Rearwin Cloudster

Registration: N25555
S/N: 832


The APM Rearwin Cloudster is currently on display.


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Ken-Royce 7, 125 HP


Wing span: 34.146'

Length: 21' 6"

Height: 7' 4"

Wheel Tread: 80"

Wing Area: 161.8 sq. ft.

Weights and Capacities

Weights and Capacities

Empty Weight: 1340 pounds

Useful Load: 760 pounds

Fuel: 34 gallons

Oil: 3 gallons

Baggage: 20 pounds

Gross Weight: 1900 pounds


Wing Loading: 11.73 lb/sq. ft.

Power Loading: 15.8 lb/HP


Maximum Speed: 135 MPH

Cruising Speed: 120 MPH

Landing Speed: 50 MPH

Rate of Climb: 860 ft/min.

Service Ceiling: 16,000 ft.

Cruising Range: 600 miles

Standard Equipment

Finish: Stearman Vermilion with Insignia Blue Trim, Insignia Blue with Red Trim

Instruments: Airspeed Indicator, Altimeter, Tachometer, Oil Pressure Gauge, Oil Temperature Gauge, Compass, Switch, Two Fuel Gauges

Other: Exhaust Manifold, Carburetor Heater, NACA Cowling, Pressure Baffling, Carburetor Air Cleaner, Altitude Mixture Control, Plexiglas Windshield, Brakes, Parking Brake, Tail Wheel (8 inch), Navigation Lights, Battery, Ball Bearing Controls Throughout, Two Cabin Doors with Yale Type Locks, Dual Controls, Luggage Compartment (size 8 cu feet 50 lbs capacity), Complete Cabin Upholstery, Air Foam Cushions and Seat Backs, Fire Extinguisher, Tool Kit, Engine Manual, First Aid Kit, Safety Belts, and Log Books

Special Equipment

Cabin Heater, Generator, Landing Lights, Radio, Electric Starter, Flares, Float Fittings, Special Instruments, Wheel Pants, Metal Propellor, Skis, Floats