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APM Piper L-4

Sistership Shown


The Airpower Museum's Piper L-4 project is moving ahead, although rather slowly. Les Gaskill has made progress on the wings and rib repairs, spar cleanup, and hardware has been cleaned and primed for one wing. New cables are being made up by Marv Hoppenworth, and the fuselage is progressing at Steve Butler's with repairs to the structure completed and many of the small parts restored. A brand new instrument panel has been donated by Clyde Smith, Jr. Mike Lossner has the 65 Continental and after a check of the logs finds it has but 75 hours on a major by Piedmont. It is hoped a Borscope inspection and cleanup will be all that it needs.

We have found a photo of an L-4 attached to the 24th Fighter Squadron of the 6th Air Force, and we plan to paint the airplane in this configuration.

We would appreciate any donations of cash or material to this project and hope you will consider helping to put this airplane back in the air as a tribute to all 6th Air Force veterans.