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APM Fleet 7


Donated By: Neil Reid and Jay Wright

The Fleet Model 7 now in the Air Power Museum inventory was donated by two fine AAA members in California, Neil D. Reid of San Francisco and Jay Wright of Chico, California who contacted us about donating their Fleet which they had owned jointly for almost a decade. Approval from the APM Board was of course instant and overwhelming.

The Fleet 7 has attended several Fly-Ins to represent the APM. With the Warner 145 its a fine performer and the APM badly needed more biplanes in its collection.

This particular Fleet started out as a Fleet Model 2 and was once owned by Chaffey Junior College of Ontario, California. It appears to have spent most of its time in the San Francisco Bay area and we are fortunate to have a good file on its repairs and alterations.

Our Sincere thanks to Neil Reid and Jay Wright for this fine gift to the APM. Its a nice addition to the collection and its a historic machine that rounds out the many closed monoplanes we have on display.



Kinner B5


Length: 24' 3"

Weights and Capacities

Empty Weight: 1055 pounds

Useful Load: 591 pounds

Payload: 260 pounds

Gross Weight: 1646 pounds


Wing Loading: 8.46 pounds/sq. ft.

Power Loading: 13.18 pounds/HP


Maximum Speed: 116 MPH

Cruising Speed: 93 MPH

Landing Speed: 50 MPH

Rate of Climb - sea level: 740 ft/min.

Service Ceiling: 13,600 feet

Absolute Ceiling: 15,800 feet

Cruising Range: 306 Miles

Factory Price

Price: (U.S. Dollars) $4,485