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1935 American Eaglet

Registration: N17007
S/N: 1111


The American Eaglet Model B-31, S/N 1111, N17007 was once owned and restored by the late Russ Anderson, AAA M-306, of Englewood, Colorado. It was sold to Dave Allyn, AAA M-9798-Life, for display in his "Wings of Yesterday" Museum at Santa Fe, New Mexico. On a visit to the APM in the summer of 1984 Dave took a fancy to the Hamilton H-47 that Jack Lysdale, AAA M-4744-A, of St. Paul, Hinnesota had donated. The APM had little opportunity or funds to restore this noble example of Alaska's Bush Plane Heritage (it was a Wien Alaska Airline airplane) and a trade was negotiated with Dave Allyn with permission of the Hamilton donor Jack Lysdale. Among the items taken in trade on the Hamilton was the American Eaglet. This is a very original model with the Szekely 45 hp, 3 cylinder engine.

The addition of N-17007 to the APM provides another fine example of the 1930's era aircraft. The fuselage side numbers no longer required must be removed to provide an authentic paint scheme.


American Eaglet Type Certificate Data Sheet.