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1939 Brewster B-1 "Fleet"

Registration: NC20699
S/N: 1


Donated in 1989 by Frank Delmar, AAA M-12928 Lifetime.

NC-20699 was a well publicized airplane utilized as a tool of the corporate dreams of the Brewster Aeronautical Corporation of Long Island City, New York.

The one and only Brewster Fleet B-1 was built in 1939 by the Fleet Aircraft Company of Canada as a Fleet Model 16-F with a Warner 145 Super Scarab engine.

Our information on Fleets built in Canada indicates that this was the one and only 16F Model ever built.

Consolidated Aircraft of San Diego and "Big Daddy" to the Fleet line acquired the 16F and then sold it to Brewster along with the manufacturing rights to both the Fleet line as well as the Consolidated 21 Models.

Our sincere thanks to Frank Delmar for this significant donation.