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Airpower Museum Steering Committee

In March 2008, the Air Power Museum Trustees created a Steering Committee of prominent members of the antique aviation community. The committee will guide the Trustees, provide feedback on the vision of the Air Power Museum, and help raise awareness of revitalization plans.

Greg Herrick

Greg Herrick is the president of the Aviation Foundation of America, publisher of the Historic Aviation catalog and Aircraft Owner magazine, and the former CEO of a personal computer company.

Greg grew up in Ottumwa, Iowa and graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor of General Studies degree with an emphasis on marketing. In 1982 he started his own company which grew to become ZEOS International.

He and his collection of 40 Golden Age aircraft have been the subject of numerous features in magazine such as Forbes and Air & Space. He has appeared on radio and television stations across the country such as Discovery Wings, PRI's "Savvy Traveler," Voice of America Radio and CBS Radio.

Michael J. Pangia

Michael J. Pangia concentrates his practice in aviation law and is based in Washington, DC. He was the former chief trial lawyer for the FAA and prior to that the head of the aviation trial unit of the U.S. Department of Justice where he was awarded the John Marshall Award for Outstanding Achievement in Aviation Law. He is counsel to the International Society of Air Safety Investigators and on the advisory counsel staff of EAA. His undergraduate degree is in mechanical engineering, and he is an ATP and an A&P and currently owns and flies an SNJ-5 and WACO UPF-7.

Eric Thompson

Eric Thompson is an aviation enthusiast who makes his home in Arizona. Originally from southeast Iowa, he spent many summers mowing runways, pumping gas and flying around in old airplanes at Antique Airfield. Eric got his pilots license while in high school and later added an instrument rating along with an A&P license.

Eric received an Engineering degree from Iowa State University which lead to a job with Honeywell International. During his 25 years with Honeywell he worked in all areas of the company from Engineering to Sales & Marketing to Finance. His current assignment has him managing engine and avionics programs for several general aviation customers. He flies a 1950 PA20 and is restoring a 1946 Luscombe 8A.

Russell Williams

Russell Williams is the Chief Technology Officer at a Seattle-based technology company. Prior to that he had a 13 year run at Microsoft designing and directing the development of applications such as Excel, SharePoint, Live Meeting, and many others. He learned to fly in 1989 and started flying a Stinson 108-3. Then he moved to a Stinson V-77 and a Ryan SC-W. His passion is collecting basket cases that haven't flown in 50 years. Russell's wife Tamara is very understanding and mostly rolls her eyes at thoughts of a new basket case aircraft joining the family.

Robert C. Mikesh

Robert C. Mikesh, a native of Ottumwa, Iowa, began his aviation career by making model airplanes, such exact to-scale models that, as a teenager, his models were used to teach aircraft recognition to cadets at the Ottumwa NAS. He was taught to fly by Clifton P. "Ole" Oleson then entered the US Air Force. He served twenty one years flying a variety of aircraft including the Douglas A-26 "Invader", Martin B-57 "Canberra" and Cessna O-2. Upon retirement from the Air Force he began working for the Smithsonian Institute's National Air & Space Museum (NASM) retiring as Senior Curator in 1991. Bob is well respected historian and author and a recognized expert on Japanese military aviation.